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A unique timeless legacy of unspoken sentiments, drawing from the charm of romance languages and poetic verse, Le DRAPE mirrors its muse by embodying a lyrical and melodious silent communication, blending dynamic and refined wearability with an acoustic resonance. It signifies both fervor and emotional depth, inviting interpretation akin to a song. A portrayal of romanticism, with hues of imagination, a reverence for nature, a longing for escape, embracing melancholy, and the allure of Hellenism, immediacy expressing the poetic melody within our hearts, our signature opulent taste, and the enchantment we aspire to bestow upon perfume aficionados.


Fragrance story:

Olfactive Family 

Fruity | Floral | Woody  


Olfactory Mood 

Sensual | Seductive 


Essence  Wear Projection

Mild intimate embrace 


Essence  Composition: 

Top Notes: Mango and Luscious sweet Fruits 

Heart Notes: Jasmine and delicate majestic Florals 

Base Notes: Amber and the sexuality of exotic Woods   


Discover hidden treasures of Le’Drape scent experience in your first nose 




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