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There is a language specific to perfumery, just as one specific to all cultures worldwide. Balmori Balmori's perfumers use the olfactory classification to organize the ingredients, raw materials, accords, and notes of a perfume. With their sometimes-shifting borders, these groups make it easier to classify fragrances. We can, therefore, "order" fragrances according to their main characteristics based on the prominent olfactory families. To help you understand fragrance better, let us introduce some of them to you.

Botanical organic plant source


Among all the scents of nature, botanicals are some of the most beautiful. A blend of pure essential oils and certified organic plant material is carefully formulated from fresh herbs, dark-tree resins, and decoctions of fresh flowers.

Fresh Water Experience


Fresh scents are characterized by clean, bright scents that are part of the fresh scent family. Several scents fall into this category, including herby, citrusy, and oceanic scents. In men's fragrances, fresh scents are usually paired with spicy notes rather than sweet notes in women's fragrances.

Balmori Balmori Citrus Perfume Notes


This olfactory family is full of freshness, acidity, and sunny notes! Lemon, bergamot, orange, grapefruit, and other fruits yield Hesperides, which are essential oils. Since the 16th century, Eau De Cologne has been used by both men and women. Due to the citrusy composition, we have several products that fall into this refreshing olfactory category.

Woody Scent Experience


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Colorful Flowers


One of the oldest and largest families in perfumery history. It includes perfumes featuring a flower as their main theme, such as roses, jasmines, violets, lilacs, narcissus, tuberoses, etc. As a result, they are great for perfumery, especially women's! Men's fragrances also feature floral compositions with spicy or aromatic notes. Discover the olfactory family of floral fragrances.

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