The Fragrance

Recommend knowledge of how to capture the true essence of fragrances Top, Middle, and  base notes.

The top notes are the scents that you notice immediately. They are your first impression, often capturing your olfactory sensors and never letting go. The top notes are the lightest molecules that will evaporate quickly, but often these are the best selling features of a fragrance. These notes are also known as the headnotes.

The middle notes are the scents that emerge just before the top note dissipates, and this is considered the main body of the fragrance. It often can cover up or mask the initial impression of the base notes. These notes are also known as heart notes.

The base notes are the scent of the fragrance that appears close to the departure of the middle notes. The base and middle notes combined are the main themes of the fragrance. They bring intensity and depth to the fragrance. These scents will take at least 30 minutes to develop after you apply the fragrance, also known as the dry down. So, when you are walking around a mall or department store, give it some time before liking or disliking a fragrance on your skin or in your home. It is also recommended that you do not try out more than three scents in a day because you do not want to overload your sensors.

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