Take part in an emerald green garden of thyme and youthful fine white tea, an authentic spiritual experience. A capitative aroma that fills and floods the air, leading to a state of peace and serenity. This ambient fragrance is an affectionate embrace perfect for a space of wellness where you can relax, regenerate, and devote time to yourself.  Temps Sans Fin Oil Reed Diffuser signature formula releases fragrance slowly and evenly into the air for approximately 90-day throw.



3.0 fl oz/85.0 gm

Usage time up to 1-2 months

Rattan Reed Sticks

European Glass Vessel

Handcrafted in the USA


Use and Care

Your diffuser will come with six reeds. We recommend using all six at once for optimal diffusion. Use fewer reeds for a lighter subtle fragrance. Flip the sticks occasionally to intensify the aromas. DO NOT allow the oils to come into contact with polished, painted, or synthetic surfaces or fabrics.  

Temps Sans Fin 3.0 fl oz/85.0g Diffuser (Endless Time)

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  • Some of the earliest references to white tea have been traced as far back as the Tang Dynasty (618-907). Although white tea was popularized and widely revered in the Song Dynasty (960-1269), it was relatively unknown to the rest of the world until very recently. Only royals were allowed to consume white tea and it is rumored that it could only be served as a “tribute” to the emperor by virgins with white gloves as a symbol of honor and respect.