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Heart of Gardenia 3.4 fl oz/100 ml
  • Heart of Gardenia 3.4 fl oz/100 ml

    SKU: 785ULU005219
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    Top: Peach, Berry, Airy

    Heart: Gardenia, Violet, Rose, Spiced Clove, Incense

    Base: Vanilla, Musk, Cedar Smoky


    This ultra-embracing and extravagant creation combines  orals with

    enticing Golden Vanilla. A perfectly balanced beauty opens with

    Gardenia, Rose, and Violet. A heart impression of Floral Spice and a base

    of sweet Vanilla, Ylang Ylang, and Honey.


            Discovery Sample    
    The Le Drape discovery sample offers an intimate sensory experience in your personal space, enabling you to appreciate the appearance, aroma, and sensation, with just a touch of the remarkable.

          Subject to conditions* 
    Limited to 1 sample per customer 
    Le DRAPE is a symphony of unspoken passions, inspired by the allure of romance languages and love poetry. It embodies its muse through a lyrical, silent dance, blending dynamic wearability with acoustic resonance that sings of fervor and emotional depth. This design is a blend of nature's wild beauty, imagination's rich hues, and a longing for love's embrace. It captures the exquisite melancholy and allure of Hellenism, creating a poetic melody that echoes in our hearts. Every drop of Le DRAPE reflects opulent taste and enchantment, offering perfume lovers an experience that entwines with the soul and binds lovers in a timeless fragrant embrace.
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