The essence of modern romance, Inspired by the voluptuous exquisite red rose. With passionate amber and an earthy sandalwood wine down, a truly magical experience. Transform the atmosphere with a charming, luxurious, and seductive embrace.


Cotton wick, 11oz premium candle, comes in a custom white frosted vessel packaged in a white luxury container embellished with a black twill satin ribbon, made with carefully developed soy formula, providing beautiful Musky Amber and Rose scents, clean-burning for up to 60-65 hours.

Amour Rose 11oz/335ML (Pink Love)

SKU: 860001461497W
  • Musk has been used since ancient times and is one of the most expensive popular perfume notes.  This fragrance’s roots are derived from the Middle East and correspond to Venus and Earth/Fire. Many believe that Amber has a very powerful energy that evokes both sensual pleasure and ancient wisdom.